MI MILANO PRÊT-À-PORTER Autunno/Inverno - Fall/Winter 2010/2011

"Our commitment is to keep alive the spirit of those craftsmen who cared for the leather as if it was part of them. Innovating on the basis of this legacy is the best tribute we can give them"

Lottusse is a family company founded in 1877, with a large experience in the manufacturing of the best footwear, thanks to four generations that make up the Fluxá family. It was Mestre Antonio Fluxá who founded the first footwear workshop in 1877 which, with time and step by step, he managed to convert into a school for artisan technicians. He was later followed by his son, Lorenzo Fluxá, a driving force behind the industry of the 40's, transforming the workshop into a company that began to broaden its markets. Later, Antonio Fluxá took the reins as the driving force behind the brand name and its internationalisation, creating the line of garments and accessories and the different openings of the Lottusse stores. Currently the forth generation, Juan Antonio Fluxà, is taking charge of the family business presenting a very ambitious project. From its origins Lottusse has been the pioneer in considering that quality is the only way of achieving success.

Lottusse has spent more than hundred and thirty years in the sector as an spanish prestige brand specialized in high quality leather goods and accessories since 1877 with stores all over the world. The Spanish firm is at a full stage of expansion at both the national and the international level. It currently counts with 13 own flagship stores in Spain and 19 in China and a very ambitious project of shops opening all around the world. Lottusse is present in 750 multi-brand shops worldwide and 150 multibrand shops distributed along North Europe, Mediterranean countries, Eastern Europe and Russia.

Craftsmanship does not seek to obtain an exact, perfect piece of work, but rather to obtain a final result created with hands and, thanks to the experience of many years, each article will be a unique and beloved piece that does not come from a mould or a mechanised and automatic production line, but made by Lottusse hands which, for 130 years have created and produced footwear with passion. Without losing the sense of identity created through the years, Lottusse is seeking to present a new profile, one that is more professional, more modern and younger. As from the next season, the brand leather Lottusse plans to initiate a new focus and philosophy to the collections by following market tendencies and adapting Lottusse experience. In this way a combination will be created between clients' expectations, craftsmanship and modern life.


Fall Winter 2010-2011 Collection INSPIRATION
Strong influence from the anglo-saxon sports world with casual lines that remember the war and postwar influence.

Two main ideas spread their influence in the whole collection: The urban world inspired by the mixed with romantic male look lines and some folk touches where is obvious the austerity of the postwar period (Londen´s colors influence, tweed, military and worker look of the 50´s)

The collection splits in two parts:

Business dress: urban, starring by noble materials such as hides, nubucks, "touche" leather... Waxed and hand dyed process to obtain a laborious used aspect, refined and with extremely comfortable rubber funds. Moulds with round volumes and precious materials as Pampero leather, Vaquus, Loocky and Fox. Denoting taste for the details, decoration appears as important actor in the final draw.

Folk spirit: with a marked tendency to combination materials and colors, the sport sense floods the whole concept. Wide and strength moulds provide a very comfortable and thick construction. Engraved leathers combine with creppe and super fine suede. Ancient aviators and dockworkers look inspire the wide range of boots in all its aspects and heights.

The main colors in this proposals are brown, burgundies, greens and the ocher from dry leaves.

Mediterranean winter bring with it special tendencies with hair inside leathers and thick rubber soles. Worker character is driven by boots and shoes constructed in soft leather combined with "used look" and waxes. Highlighted rubber soles construction worn with graft and high quality materials that spread the vintage spirit around the whole collection. 1877, presents a wide range of color dominated by ochre, omitting black, that is replaced by intense grey and deep browns.